About Us

Doctor Money App helps individuals to manage their personal finances to reduce and manage personal debt.

The app has been designed to train its user to THINK before he spends, and in doing so, assist the user in controlling spending and eliminating impulse buying.

The app teaches the user to :

1.  Adhere to a savings plan in a smart, engaging, and interesting manner.
2. Educate & help the user create budgets for various items and adhering to them

Many individuals find themselves with a large credit card and other forms of debts either as a result of bad money management or as a result of an unfortunate situation whereby individuals are forced to take on unexpected debt e.g. illness or unemployment.

The major culprit usually seems to be “impulse buying”, where people use credit/loan/savings money to buy unnecessary items in an irrational manner e.g. luxury goods, expensive meals, excessive amounts of food etc.

The app was designed to battle this financial pandemic and provide a day-to-day tool users can rely on to keep money matters in hand.

The app allows user to input his income and expenditure values and details of existing debts and regular financial commitments

Using this data along with daily user input, Doctor Money app will create dynamic spending budgets, to ensure the user remains within his means.