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DoctorMoney picks up where schools leave people dry. We teach you how to be smart mone. Get smart in finance and learn how to make, save & manage more money.

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Build and Protect Wealth with Insurance

September 23, 2021
life insurance concept image

Insurance can help you to protect and safeguard your wealth in different ways. You never know when you will be hit with a medical emergency requiring an enormous remedy payment. Or you may get into a car accident or have a liability filed against you for which you may be forced to pay huge sums. Insurance can help protect your wealth in such cases. Life insurance, in particular, is … Read more

Best Investment Strategies for 2021 and Beyond

September 22, 2021
Best Investment Strategies

A new year always comes along with new challenges and opportunities for investors. But its hard to think of a more dramatic year for investors than the year 2020. With the pandemic upending life across all sectors, businesses especially had a peek into both the Great Recession as well as the Dot Com Bubble in just one year. Highly unpredictable it might have been, but it should have provided … Read more

Best Robo Advisors for Lucrative Investments

September 21, 2021
robo-advisor concept image

Robo-advisors are very good choices for first-time investors and people who cannot find the time to manage their investment portfolios. They are also ideal for those who want to minimize high fees associated with human, financial advisors. Here are some of the best robo-advisors in 2021. Betterment Betterment remains a top choice for beginner investors. In fact, it is one of the first robo-advisors to come into existence. Betterment … Read more

Best Personal Finance Blogs to Follow in 2021

September 20, 2021
personal finance concept image

If you want to improve your financial strength, save more and have enough for retirement, then you should follow the best personal finance blogs. They can give you a wealth of information for free. The advice provided by these blogs is invaluable since it has often been acquired through experience. You won’t end up making mistakes or missing out on opportunities that you will regret later on. Why ignore … Read more

Top Tips for Paying off That Student Loan Fast

September 13, 2021
multiple dollar bills

Does the debt from your college seem overwhelming? You’re not alone. As of 2020, student debt in the US exceeded $1.5 trillion. If you took a student loan, you would be interested in knowing how to pay back the student loan quickly. The simple strategy outlined below can help you to pay off the student loan more easily. Here is how to pay off that student loan as fast … Read more

Spend Smart and Cut Costs with These 9 Money Saving Tips

September 13, 2021
money saving

If you save more and make smarter buying choices, you have better chances of enjoying financial freedom sooner than you think. You need to know about saving tips and tricks to avoid losing huge amounts of cash over time without realizing it. Over the long run, you can save a lot of money with 9 money-saving tips shown below. 1. Use the Right Credit Card With the Citi Custom … Read more

10 Money Mistakes You Are Making Unknowingly

September 13, 2021

Most people are making subtle money mistakes without realizing how much it costs them. You could be one of them. Making mistakes is not a big deal, but sticking to them can cause big trouble for you. Smart people learn from their mistakes. So here we thought to make you aware of common money mistakes that you could be making unknowingly. 1. Big Checking Account Balance If you have … Read more

Living Paycheck to Paycheck? Here Is How to Break the Cycle

September 13, 2021
person living paycheck to paycheck

Are you living paycheck to paycheck? If yes, then it’s high time that you get out of this financial quagmire. Such a stressful life is no way to live. If you do not break the cycle, you could fail to secure a safe financial future. You won’t have enough for retirement. You may even end up in steep debt. Here is how to stop living paycheck to paycheck. Track … Read more

9 Rookie Investment Mistakes to Be Aware of

September 13, 2021
investment concept image

Whether you are new to investing or have been doing it for years, chances are you could be making a few common investment mistakes. Very few investors have the acumen and profound insights of Warren Buffet. Hence, it is not rare for experienced investors to fall prey to investment mistakes. Here are some rookie investment mistakes that even experienced investors make at times. 1. Not Knowing All the Risks … Read more

9 Ways Online Retailers Get You to Spend More Money

July 26, 2021
online retailers more money

Most people value money a great deal. But when it comes to shopping for your favorite items from the convenience of your home, the trade-off doesn’t feel so bad. From free shipping to countdown clocks, there are various online retailer tricks to lure you into loading up your cart and spend more than you can afford. In fact, online shopping statistics show that in the next few years, over … Read more


Get Smart With Money

DoctorMoney picks up where schools leave people dry. We teach you how to be smart mone. Get smart in finance and learn how to make, save & manage more money.

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